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Fighting Competition from New Technology and Business Models

How do you protect your market position when it is threatened by competitors using new technology and business models to deliver services better, faster and cheaper?

This was a problem faced by one of our clients when its major revenue stream, the advertising of job vacancies in its weekly newspaper and basic web-site, came under threat by the arrival of sophisticated internet job sites.

KBR Consulting was asked to review the existing jobsite, which had received very little investment over the years, and develop a strategy for improving the on-line services and, where possible, creating additional revenue streams. The site was not to compete with, but had to support, the newspaper element of the business.

Using a series of business modelling techniques we assessed the market place; analysed the competition and reviewed trends in recruitment and recruitment channels. Applying a power technique known as Value Chain Analysis we were able to:

  • Extend their view beyond the existing business model of printing advertisements, to the overall job process; i.e. the identification of a vacancy through to appointing the post
  • Identify areas for improvement, i.e. bottlenecks and interfaces with employers and job seekers.

Combined with other business and market analysis techniques we determined that our client needed to:

  • Transform the way it viewed its customers
  • Extend the services it offered
  • Take advantage of specialist software designed for internet job sites.

The new site now offers a range of on-line services aimed at different segments of the profession:

  • those entering or considering the profession
  • those wanting to progress the career ladder
  • those looking to come and work in the UK.

Through new software, applicants can now store their CV’s on-line, and apply for posts electronically. Thus shortening the time and effort for both employers to offer prospective candidates interviews and for job seekers to apply for posts.