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Government Agency – Technology Led Change

Technology led change is one of the most difficult types of change to undertake. People can be afraid of technology and prefer to stay with what they know especially when they are unclear about what the change means for them.

This was the situation facing a government executive agency introducing an electronic document and records management solution (EDRMS) as part of its strategy to improve the way information is managed and shared throughout the organisation.

The introduction of the EDRM solution would mean many changes for the organisation including:

  • New ways of working
  • New roles and responsibilities
  • The break down of departmental boundaries as information became more accessible
  • Heavy dependency on an IT solution to access business critical information.

As part of an initiative to increase understanding about the rationale behind the project, the benefits to both organisation and individual, and to reassure staff around the robustness and resilience of a now business critical solution, we focused on:

  • Helping senior management understand the full impact of the project and the need to manage change
  • Gaining commitment and support from staff for the project
  • Ensuring clear communication of vision and goals
  • Briefing sessions with staff explaining the impact to them and their department
  • Consultations and feedback sessions with the pilot group on all aspects of the solution
  • Extensive programme of Operational Testing to demonstrate the resilience and robustness of the solution and fallback procedures.

Our approach facilitated a shift in attitude from one of apprehension and caution to one that was more conducive to change. The shift in attitude was critical to the successful rollout of the solution across four hundred users.