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Business Reviews

Today every organisation faces a myriad of challenges. Domestic markets are now open to global competition; key operations are being outsourced to countries on the other side of the world, and the internet provides new marketing and distribution channels direct to our offices and homes. In a world of changing politics, moving market boundaries, social reform and technological breakthroughs the only constant is change.

How can companies remain competitive in such an environment? The answer is to periodically review the way they work and look at how new business models and technology can help deliver better services to customers. Organisations must create, evolve and transform.

KBR Consulting has experience in helping organisations conduct strategic and operational reviews of core business activities and in planning and implementing the recommendations. Examples of work we have completed to date include:

  • The delivery of an e-commerce strategy for an internet job recruitment site.
  • An assessment of the e-opportunities for improving the flow of information across a large government agency.
  • An operational review of the IT support functions for a large transport organisation.
  • The analysis and redesign of business processes, and the identification of outsourcing opportunities for a large city council.
  • The redesign of the Supplier Management functions of a large transport organisation.
  • An assessment of opportunities presented by the internet for advertising and delivering healthcare services.

Our involvement has enabled clients to increase revenue, protect market share; reduce operating costs; improve service delivery, and create new market opportunities.

Case Studies

Fighting Competition from New Technology and Business Models
How do you protect your market position when it is threatened by competitors using new technology and business models to deliver services better, faster and cheaper?