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Change Management

Why do many programmes / projects fail to deliver? It is because the emphasis on the delivery is wrong. Projects are not simply about implementing new technology, reorganising a business unit, or giving classroom training on new ways of working. Projects are also about the acceptance of change.

It is human nature to be apprehensive or even fearful of change especially if we do not understand it or feel threatened by it. If people do not feel reassured then fear can cause them to resist, and even fight, change.

Change can manifest itself in many different forms.

  • Initiatives to improve customer care may require us to answer the office phone differently
  • Eliminating inefficiencies in day-to-day tasks will require the modification of procedures
  • The introduction of new technology requires us to work differently with other departments, customers and suppliers
  • Global economics may require organisations to relocate and/or move in to completely different markets.

Managing the acceptance of change – Change Management – is one of the most critical and sensitive activities of a project, but one which receives only a fraction of the resources needed to undertake it properly.

KBR Consulting combines business and technical know-how to deliver a pragmatic change plan which takes account of the culture of the organisation and the nature of the project. By integrating the change plan into the project plan we ensure that Change Management is never treated as a secondary activity.

Key benefits of our approach include:

  • Clear and visible sponsorship from the top
  • The effective management of stakeholders expectations
  • Clear communication of the vision, strategy and benefits of the project
  • Frequent consultations with staff
  • Active involvement and inclusion of key staff on project activities
  • Communication/feedback loops.

Case Studies

Government Agency - Technology Led Change
When the key component of change involves the introduction of new technology, how do you overcome your employees fear of it and convince them that it will be of benefit to them in their day-to-day activities?

Pan European Change - Communication is Key
How do you successfully effect change across three different countries with differing needs where three previous attempts have been unsuccessful?